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Welcome to Game On - Australia's Digital Paintball Magazine.

The Next Issue. What to do ? We are looking at delaying the next issue.

The stats are pretty good for the first Issue. But we are struggling to get Australian News, Information, Competition Results and stories etc. We have no problem being sent International News, Competition Results etc. But the whole idea is to have an Australian Publication. For the Australian Players and Markets. With some international content. Getting Australian Content is as hard as getting blood out of a stone.

We will keep you advised as to our decision.

Magazine Statistics for Issue 1: Combined Digital and PDF Downloads: 23,587

Top Countries: Australia, United States, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Russian Federation, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Pakistan.

The surprising statistic: The pdf version of the magazine was around 95% of the downloads. And only 5% Downloaded the Digital Version.

Which is the reverse to our Australian Swimsuit Edition Magazine statistics. The ASE Mag has been around a lot longer. So people may have got the hang of it. Or...Paintballers may find the pdf version better as it can be read on tablet pc's and android devices. Still looking into those results.

Still available Now ! Volume 1. Issue 1

Issue 1 is available now. 360 Digital Pages.
Well...It was a struggle, and we tried to cover as many paintball styles as possible. The response from Overseas Businesses and Comps was great. Some Australian Businesses jumped on board very fast. But there was a majority that didn't respond to our contact or sat on the fence.

We are also aware that we only reached a small percentage of the market. When we set up the Facebook Page for the Magazine. We started getting Advertising enquiries from Overseas Companies within 12 hours of the page being created. This forced our hand, so the first issue release date was brought forward by a few weeks.

We hope you enjoy issue 1. But we feel that the magazine will only get bigger and cover more aspects of the game. If people get involved. Don't sit on the fence. And become a part of it's success.

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Game On - Australia's Digital Paintball Magazine is a FREE Magazine.

That's right. Game On will be available as a FREE Download. It will be available in Digital Format for PC Viewing. And PDF for Mac, i pad, Tablets and Android Devices.

Send Us your News, Competition Results, Pics and More

This is your Magazine. So send us your News, Comp Info, Pictures and Updates. 

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Why did we choose this particular digital magazine format ?

We did look at other digital magazine formats...At this stage there isnt one that covers everything from PC's, MAC's through to Android Devices. Reading it on line wasnt an option. As we want our readers to have it to read at their own leisure. Without having to be on line. The Program that we use to build our Digital Magazines is more suited to PC,s. But can be read on MAC's with virtual Reader. However..The Magazine will also be available in PDF format. And that can be read on MAC's, I Pads and other Android Devices.

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